Sulwhasoo Invigorating Cream


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Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Invigorating Cream has the following features: Rich creamy texture. Formulated with highly concentrated Upright Korean Red Pine for vitality and anti-aging and the precious Wild Simulated Ginseng with the energy of vitality to strengthen your skin for a youthful and healthy look, reduces fine lines. With twice enriched Red Pine DAA which accelerates the longevity factors more effectively. Deliver stronger anti-aging benefits. The anti-aging component extracted from the hard bark of Red Pine, RPPC effectively reduces the signs of aging, create a younger looking skin. 10-year-old Wild Simulated Ginseng components supply energy to your skin.

Every morning and evening, dispense onto the back of hand after eye cream and use the entire fingers to smooth from the center of face.