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Anti Brown Patches Serum

White System

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Institut Esthederm White System Anti-Brown Patches Serum with highly concentrated lightening agents in this serum are specifically designed for the localized treatment of discolouration. Dark spots gradually shrink and fade. Convenient roll-on format for precise application and optimal results.

Apply a small amount of serum to the localized spots morning and/or night. Massage gently into the skin and follow with your day or night cream.

Hypopigmentaline, New Licorice Extract, Black Mulberry Prenyflavonoids, D Glucosamine, Stabilized Vitamin C, Ultra Lightening Complex, Creatine, Bioflavonoids, Soluble Vitamin C, Cellular Water, ATP, Carnosine, Minerals, Cabreuva Extract. New Generation Hypopigmentaline, Ultra Lightening Complex, TCS Time Control System, Cellular Water, Actizen.